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Resignation of TAA President Keith Speight

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Resignation of TAA President Keith Speight

I can now officially advise you all that Keith has resigned from his position as President of TAA as of the 26th May 2019, this is due to family commitments and ongoing health Issues.

As he requested and is normal practice our Vice President is acting in the position of President as of this date.

I take this opportunity on behalf of the committee and members to thank Keith for his hard work in developing and growing our organization into what we have today. 13 TAA clubs with another application in process, with almost 700 financial members.

As one of the founding members of TAA, I assure you without Keith and Adriana's hard work over the years we would not be in the position we are today.

Thank you, Keith and Adriana. We wish you both all the best and I am sure we will be seeing you both at a shoot soon. The debt the TAA family owe you is impossible to repay. However, we will try! A rum and coke will be waiting for you mate!

Les Simpson
TAA Secretary

A letter to the members of TAA

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TAA Members

The National Committee would like to thank you for your continued support.

Over many years there has been several attempts to get a Traditional association up and running in Australia and all have failed, not quite achieving their goals and are now just memories.

In the last five years Traditional Archery Australia has made great achievements, we have become incorporated, national recognition through the Archery Alliance of Australia with a representative on the board, we also have a representative on the board of the Australian Archery hall of Fame and now have thirteen affiliated clubs from all over Australia with another three or four new clubs that are being developed.

TAA’s Committee is made up of members with many years of experience in their field covering all aspects of Archery. We now have representatives in all states of Australia including West Australia and Tasmania.

Traditional Archery Australia’s objectives are to Promote and Protect Traditional Archery in all forms, Target, Field and Bowhunting. We are committed to provide a service to our members and member clubs firstly by recognition of service by our own Traditional Heroes and Legends through the Australian Hall of Fame and our own Traditional Archery Australia Medal.

We have constantly asked our members how you wish us to proceed and what direction we are to go, we have achieved all that has been asked of us so far with the introduction of the TAA Medal, all of our members and affiliated clubs are covered by the same insurance coverage as other Archery Alliance members, we have now run several successful Bow-making workshops and reintroduced the Arrow Craftsmanship Awards, we have also created and successfully run Two National Musters and the first State Muster in W.A.

We are not here to Govern, run or control members or Clubs nor do we run Trad Shoots other than the National Muster and State Musters.

Traditional Archery Australia is an Association for all Traditional Archers, what setup you use is up to you, we have created equipment guidelines and that’s what they are guidelines. The clubs running Trad Shoots make the rules for that shoot not TAA.

Keith Speight – May 2019 - Outgoing President

Wanted - Archery Danger Signs

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Does anyone have any spare freestanding "Danger Archery" or similar signs. If so please contact Glenn McMahon South Coast Traditional Archers. This can be done through his Facebook page -

Image for effect only, not as required.

Western Australia State Titles 2019 - Results

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Event Cancellation

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Bathurst Archery Festival 2019

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Southwest Bowmen TAA WA State Titles 2019

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