Traditional Archery Australia

"Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms"


Australian Archery Museum in Cooperation with Traditional Archery Australia

This is a sample of the many displays on show at the Australian Archery Museum, Bathurst N.S.W.
Displays include: Target Bows, Hunting Bows, Flight Bows, Arrows, Arrow heads, complete collection of the many Australian Archery magazines, Newspaper Articles, period posters, Historical Awards & Trophies, original artworks by a famous Australian Archer, and much more!


Comprehensive Displays

Bows, Awards, Original Artworks

Record Books, Period Posters, Newspaper Articles

Arrows From The Past




Recognition Awards - Hunting

Vintage Bows

Hunting Trophies

The forgotten art of Flight Archery

Recognition Award - Olympic Target Archery

Please note: The Australian Archery Museum unfortunately has had to close permanently. A great resource has been lost.