Traditional Archery Australia

"Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms"


Australian Archery Museum in Cooperation with Traditional Archery Australia

This is a sample of the many displays on show at the Australian Archery Museum, Bathurst N.S.W.
Displays include: Target Bows, Hunting Bows, Flight Bows, Arrows, Arrow heads, complete collection of the many Australian Archery magazines, Newspaper Articles, period posters, Historical Awards & Trophies, original artworks by a famous Australian Archer, and much more!


Comprehensive Displays

Bows, Awards, Original Artworks

Record Books, Period Posters, Newspaper Articles

Arrows From The Past




Recognition Awards - Hunting

Vintage Bows

Hunting Trophies

The forgotten art of Flight Archery

Recognition Award - Olympic Target Archery

Please note that the Australian Archery Museum is currently privately housed. Viewing is by prior arrangement only.
It is the objective of the Australian Archery Museum Board to find a permanent home for the museum that will afford more open access.