Traditional Archery Australia

"Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms"


National Executive Committee


National President 

Steve Linaker

National Vice President

Les Simpson

National Secretary

Leslie White

National Treasurer

Peter Starr

National Membership Officer

Beth Allott 

National Traditional Skills Officer

Perry Jackson

General Committee


National Coaching Officer

Dave McGuire

National Scores Recorder

Bonnie Cabrini

National Shoot Director

Jason Chapman


National Hunt Adviser
& Risk and Safety Officer

Paul Sparkes

Associated Club Communications Officer

Greg Smith


TAA Representatives



Glenn McMahon


David "Towball" White


Gary Maile



Grant "Roadie" Cawthorne


Bonnie Cabrini


Howard Oconnell


Peter & Gaynor Starr


Non Committee Position

Web Manager

Wayne Hanley