Traditional Archery Australia

"Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms"


Available for purchase at Traditional Shoots - From your TAA representative


Bumper Sticker

$2.00 each
110mm x 85mm 

Cloth Patch

$10.00 each


$30.00 each 

(plus $10 postage &  handling )
T-shirts in Khaki only, Small Logo on Front, Large logo on Back.


Caps, T-shirts and Polo shirts - postage cost of $10.00 up to two items, 
additional postage applies for 3 items or more.

Goods available from your TAA representatives or contact


$20.00 each
(plus $10 postage)

Polo Shirts

$40.00 each 

(plus $10 postage & handling)

Available Colours:  Red, Navy, Blue, Yellow, Green. 

Special orders only. Estimated delivery:

2 to 3 weeks.