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Traditional Archer Australia Medal Recipients


The TAA medal was first introduced by Past President Keith Speight with the assistance of the Executive Committee to allow our members to acknowledge the hard work of our members that have excelled in “Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms”.

Any TAA member can nominate or be nominated for this medal. To receive this medal you stand with a few very special traddies!




Jane Bell (aka as "Sarge") joined TAA in 2014 Medal Awarded 19th July 2020 at Chevallan Archery Park Queensland State Titles Nomination made by TAA Representative David ‘Towball’ White Member Number 013 TAA asked Jane’s husband Peter to write down Jane’s achievements in Traditional Archery. He has summarised 30 years into this letter. Reading this letter highlights the reason Jane has been nominated for TAA’s most prestigious award. 
From Peter Bell: I was asked if I could pass on some of Jane’s achievements. Over 30 odd years I’ll see what I can remember. We started off in archery in 1986 I think it was, me and the boys first, then we finally dragged her in a bit later. She started with a compound. That was until we went to our first longbow muster at Tiaro, she wasn’t shooting a longbow then and was only a spectator. When she saw the fun we were having she wanted a longbow, we created a monster, she never missed a muster after that, until they finished. From then on it was longbow all the way for everything as well as IFAA. She travelled much of the world shooting at IFAA tournaments and usually getting a placing in the longbow women’s division. She also did the Trans-Tasman events and the New Zealand Longbow Championships for about 20 years, taking out placings. She was Lakeside’s Representative for those 20 years as Massey in New Zealand was our sister club. We attended most National and State ABA and IFAA shoots at which she was usually in the medals somewhere. Jane was often den mother to a bunch of kids that we took with us to various inter club shoots, as their parents didn’t shoot. Now she is just the “Kitchen Bitch”, a name she wears with pride, as she doesn’t shoot anymore but runs the canteen at our club. She is now Lakeside’s canteen co-ordinator. Jane was Zone secretary for fourteen years and has always been involved with the club committee as shoot director and score recorder until these last few years when computerised scoring came in. She has always pushed the longbow to any new members, trying to steer them away from them girly bows. Cheers Peter. 
JANE ‘Sarge’ BELL a very worthy recipient of the TAA Medal Award 2020

Ron White and David White

Brothers Ron and David White who have been awarded the Traditional Archery Australia Medals at the 2020 TAA AGM for over 20 years protecting and promoting Traditional Archery in Australia.

Ron White

I take great pleasure in officially awarding Ron the TAA medal for his service to Traditional Archery in Australia. Ron was on of the founding members of TAA. While travelling the eastern states promoting TAA and trying to get trad archers to join our band I will always remember Ron waking us up two hours before we had to be awake to get to a trad shoot. We travelled from Cairns to Ballarat. Fond memories and great times.

His love of making and shooting a good self-bow is well known. His generosity and mateship is what we aspire to.

Congratulations to you mate: Well deserved.

Dave “Towball” White

What can I say? If you are a Traddie Archer and have not had the pleasure of shooting a few arrows with Dave you have missed out. His pranks and love of collecting anything to do with Archery, anything really is well known! I still have a very treasured cloth patch half cut off on my best shooting jacket! You didn’t get it Towball I still have it!

This man has supported very actively Traditional Archery well before TAA came onto the scene. I first met Towball at a Target Shoot. I recall the target archers saying, watch out for that bloke, all he wants to do is shoot and have fun- Think About That for a minute. I did, that is what I wanted to do.

His support along with Ron for encouraging kids to LOVE Archery. Not just shoot a bow, but love archery is well known.

Congratulations to you mate, well deserved and to receive this with your brother must be even better.

These two Brothers were spoken about as being the Wensel Brothers of Australia. They are and we are proud to have them as part of the TAA family.

10th October 2020
Les Simpson


Les Williams

Les Williams (Uncle) has been an active member of Tully Bowhunters Club since 1998. For the past 23 years Les has always been helping someone, has such a friendly nature and always has a smile for everyone. He walked straight in like he was your Uncle, so hence the name ‘Uncle’ was given to him.
Since that time, Les has held a position on every Tully Bowhunter committee including; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Range Officer, Target Master, Canteen/Kitchen Organiser, Fundraising Campaigner, Groundsman and he is also a Life Member, but most important is his role as a MENTOR.
Even through battling his own health problems Les is always trying to help everyone else. Archery is his family and we help each other and those who need it, it’s that simple in his eyes. He turns up at every Club Shoot, Working Bee, Practice Session and Fundraising Event with his longbow in his hand. He never fails always ready to go. Les’s persona is promoting strong ethics and respect in both young and old and he is an unbelievably valuable asset to any club and organisation.
Les has travelled to many events with his trusty longbow in his hand. He participated in the first State of Origin match held at Hunter Valley Traditional Archers in NSW, gaining new friends from afar.
Even though Les has supposedly slowed down, he is the Groundsman for our club, only going out every second day for at least two hours. Tully Bowhunters Club he calls his second home.
It is a great honour to see Mr Les Williams ‘Uncle’ receive the Traditional Archery Australia Medal. There isn’t a more deserving person both personally or as an Archer.
Congratulations ‘Uncle'!
Presented by Greg Smith TAA Club Rep Coordinator at Tully Bowhunters 5th September 2021


Graham Foster "Fossy to his mates"

It is a great honour today to be presenting Graham with this TAA medal of appreciation. Beautifully mounted with his certificate by Greg Smith. He has and continues to promote traditional archery and selflessly taking the time to teach others the skills he has. Graham is a master leatherworker and has trained dozens of other people in his craft. Promoting bowyers and donating his time and craft to better the sport of archery and all traditional skills related to archery. He has also been involved with archery clubs in QLD. Helping develop them and is always available for advise to these clubs.  

Graham was the first craftsman to offer his skills to start funding TAA back in 2005. He has continued to offer of himself to TAA since then. We take time out to thank this great master craftsman, traditional archer, bushman and special mate to us all.

Thank you Graham from traditional archers all over Australia. Our TAA members and committee for your years of dedication to the sport of traditional archery.

Les Simpson

TAA Life Member 02

Saturday 10th September 2022

Location: Tully Bow Hunters Tully QLD