Traditional Archery Australia

"Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms"

”Promoting and Protecting Traditional Archery in all Forms” 

Who We Are 

First and foremost, we are not a governing body. It is very important to understand this before joining. It is our purpose to promote and protect Traditional Archery in all forms, Hunting, Field and Target. We will endeavour to raise the profile and image of Traditional Archers throughout Australia. We are a non-profit organisation with all funds raised reinvested in promoting Traditional Archery. 

The executive committee of Traditional Archery Australia Inc. are a group of dedicated traditional archers from all parts of Australia and are volunteers dedicating their time and efforts to the sport we all love. The committee encourage all members to be part of the management committee or State Representatives. We now have representatives in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. 

We will achieve our charter by uniting traditional archers with communication, tournaments and representation within all the Archery governing Bodies in Australia. We are family orientated and committed to promoting fun and fellowship which is uniquely enjoyed at traditional events. 

We support all current governing bodies. Archery Australia, Australian Bow Hunters Association. 3DAAA and we are a member of the Australian Archery Alliance. Under the Guild Banner we support and promote preservation and passing down to future generations the talents, skills and crafts used by Bowyers, Fletchers and Leather workers involved in Traditional Archery. 

We offer full member and now club insurance. This has been a request from our members in 2016. By January 2017 this was in place. This is an example of our members having a say. Not only having a say in our management process but with agreement from our members your ideas on running TAA can happen. 

We support all Archery Clubs that wish to run Traditional Events. We are able to offer shoot and equipment guidelines to assist the clubs making these traditional events fun, enjoyable but most of all as safe as possible. 

We encourage you to join us in our endeavours. Get involved and assist us to provide the best service possible to Traditional Archery Australia Members. Take the first step and JOIN US!

The Executive Committee