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Les Williams - 2021

Les Williams (Uncle) has been an active member of Tully Bowhunters Club since 1998. For the past 23 years Les has always been helping someone, has such a friendly nature and always has a smile for everyone. He walked straight in like he was your Uncle, so hence the name ‘Uncle’ was given to him.

Since that time, Les has held a position on every Tully Bowhunter committee including; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Range Officer, Target Master, Canteen/Kitchen Organiser, Fundraising Campaigner, Groundsman and he is also a Life Member, but most important is his role as a MENTOR.

Even through battling his own health problems Les is always trying to help everyone else. Archery is his family and we help each other and those who need it, it’s that simple in his eyes. He turns up at every Club Shoot, Working Bee, Practice Session and Fundraising Event with his longbow in his hand. He never fails always ready to go. Les’s persona is promoting strong ethics and respect in both young and old and he is an unbelievably valuable asset to any club and organisation.

Les has travelled to many events with his trusty longbow in his hand. He participated in the first State of Origin match held at Hunter Valley Traditional Archers in NSW, gaining new friends from afar.

Even though Les has supposedly slowed down, he is the Groundsman for our club, only going out every second day for at least two hours. Tully Bowhunters Club he calls his second home.

It is a great honour to see Mr Les Williams ‘Uncle’ receive the Traditional Archery Australia Medal. There isn’t a more deserving person both personally or as an Archer.

Congratulations ‘Uncle'!

Presented by Greg Smith TAA Club Rep Coordinator at Tully Bowhunters 5th September 2021

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