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The Traditional Archery Australia Medal

Recognising and rewarding lifetime service to Traditional Archery

The Traditional Archery Australia Medal has been developed and implemented by the National TAA Executive Committee on behalf of all our members. Our members are encouraged to nominate a deserving archer that has achieved not only personally but contributed to the development of Traditional Archery within Australia over many years. The person being nominated for a TAA Medal must be a current TAA member and have demonstrated that they protect and promote Traditional Archery in all its forms. They will have done this for at least 20 years in one or more of the following areas; craft skills, coaching, management and/or archery skills.

The nomination must be supported with documentation. This can include such proof as: club memberships, written statements, photo or promotional material that shows their volunteer involvement etc. The person must be nominated by a TAA member. The completed forms are emailed to the TAA National Secretary ready for the TAA National Executive Committee to read and discuss at an executive meeting. To give each nominee a fair judgement the forms will require two months before a decision to accept or decline is resolved. The TAA Executive Committee meet at least once each month. The nominating person will be kept informed of the progress and result of their nomination submission.

All unsuccessful nominations will be held over to the following year and considered by the committee again if they comply with the criteria.

Please email completed form and scanned documents to:

Previous Recipients

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