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National Postal Shoot

Sometimes you'll hear a Trad shooter say "I wanded that one" and any sane person might have cause to pause. What they just did was split the difference and aimed at the longest part of the target.

The Postal Shoot or "Wand" is traditionaly held in the off season from a date in November to some time in February, when walking any distance is an unbearable thought and archery moves to practice ranges.

Held with good cheer, archers shoot 50 arrows consecutively. A maximum of two arrows per end. After each end you score and change distance. In total you must shoot ten arrows at each distance of 10mts, 15mts, 20mts, 25mts and 30mts. You can change to any other distance after each shot.

Your target is a 50mm wide x 1mtr long "Wand" placed vertically on any boss, any Archery Target Boss.....not your boss from work.

Only open to fully financial TAA members, the rules of shoot and score card are available here to download.


The inaugural postal shoot.

Results from the second Wand.

Results from the Wand the Third

Results from the forth Wand or the last precovid Wand

Results from the 2020 Wand held over the 2020/2021 off season, attendance was heavily affected by pandemic lockdowns.

During the initial stages of the pandemic of the 2020's a traditional archers two fingered salute was thrown at isolation and a new format of "postal shoot" emerged. Here are the results from that shoot.

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