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TAAs National Muster

Not anchored in any one state the National Muster has travelled since inception to New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Each Year TAAs national family of traditional archers gather for fellowship and camaraderie and surprisingly archery.

During the National Muster is the only time our Shoot and Equipment guidelines become a rule in the interest in fairness.

Submitting your scores is not compulsory, however we do ask that minimum group sizes are adhered to. Remember to treat your fellow archers with respect and  courtesy, unless its Hog Hollow.. But that's another story.

TAA does not conduct bow checks, our experienced shoot officials will always be available at the muster to answer any equipment questions you may have.

Previous Muster Results

Held at ABA Park, Mudgee NSW

Held at Tenterfield Traditional Archers in NSW

Hosted by Barambah Bowhunters and Field Archers


Cancelled due to the Global Pandemic


Postponed to May 2022 and held by Southwest Bowmen in WA

Hosted by Barambah Bowhunters and Field Archers

Held by Chinchilla Archers Inc

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