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Ron White and David White - 2020

Brothers Ron and David White who have been awarded the Traditional Archery Australia Medals at the 2020 TAA AGM for over 20 years protecting and promoting Traditional Archery in Australia.

Ron White:  I take great pleasure in officially awarding Ron the TAA medal for his service to Traditional Archery in Australia. Ron was on of the founding members of TAA. While travelling the eastern states promoting TAA and trying to get trad archers to join our band I will always remember Ron waking us up two hours before we had to be awake to get to a trad shoot. We travelled from Cairns to Ballarat. Fond memories and great times.

His love of making and shooting a good self-bow is well known. His generosity and mateship is what we aspire to.

Congratulations to you mate: Well deserved.

Dave “Towball” White: What can I say? If you are a Traddie Archer and have not had the pleasure of shooting a few arrows with Dave you have missed out. His pranks and love of collecting anything to do with Archery, anything really is well known! I still have a very treasured cloth patch half cut off on my best shooting jacket! You didn’t get it Towball I still have it!

This man has supported very actively Traditional Archery well before TAA came onto the scene. I first met Towball at a Target Shoot. I recall the target archers saying, watch out for that bloke, all he wants to do is shoot and have fun- Think About That for a minute. I did, that is what I wanted to do.

His support along with Ron for encouraging kids to LOVE Archery. Not just shoot a bow, but love archery is well known.

Congratulations to you mate, well deserved and to receive this with your brother must be even better.

These two Brothers were spoken about as being the Wensel Brothers of Australia. They are and we are proud to have them as part of the TAA family.

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