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Archery Alliance Update – 1 March 2024

Alliance Update 1March 2024
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TAA is all about the promotion and protection of archery. We may focus on traditional aspects, but we support archery in all its forms.

In 2010 the Archery Alliance was formed by Archery Australia, 3DAAA and ABA ltd for the promotion and protection of all forms of archery in Australia, later TAA joined the Alliance after its incorporation in 2014.

The formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) in the Alliance enabled Cross Participation between AA, TAA, 3DAAA and ABA. The MOU has been well used and loved by all.

Recently, ABA withdrew from the alliance. But this doesn't end the support between the remaining archery organisations.

TAA has approached the heads of ABA, 3DAAA and AA.

In fact, TAA and 3DAAA are actively working in the Archery Alliance space to modernise the MOU and expand our support with all archery groups, including independent clubs and new organisations.

Cross Participation remains strong, and we'd love to extend that invitation where we can. TAA clubs continue to welcome guests, to attend our Cross Participation events as Visitors.

TAA members are again reminded that Cross Participation at ABA events is currently suspended by ABA. Members are cautioned against traveling to events without confirmation from the event organiser that they will be permitted to participate.

We all stand for the same thing: Respect, Camaraderie and the promotion and protection of archery in Australia. Let's keep focused on the future and invest in growing our sport.

We will continue to keep you informed as we develop this new initiative.


TAA National Committee


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