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Hello! and welcome to Traditional Archery Australia's New Web Page.

Launching today the 1st September 2023 and the first day of spring in Australia, we've been working furiously in the background to bring you this new experience.

Your Web Development Team consist of TAAs Acting Web Master, 17yo Alex Allott, who's been in the role for all of about a month. Alex gets a especially big THANK YOU from the TAA Management Committee, for getting us out of a tight spot.

And Beth Allott, his mum, unofficial Web Assistant and your Membership Officer since April 2020.

We're both new to this game (webbery, not archery) so this site may have the odd wrinkle, but we're listening and will get things sorted as we go. You might think there are things missing, we have plans to deliver more features and restore some of the content from the old site, so don't panic.

You will find things in new places, and some new things that you haven't had before. The best new thing being the ability to pay your Renewal and Join Traditional Archery Australia, online!

We hope this new page serves your needs now and into the future.

Your Web Development Team

Beth & Alex Allott


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