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  • Greg Smith

"On Target for Unity: The Latest Archery Alliance Update"

From TAA President Greg Smith

G’day folks.

Ok so there are still a lot of rumours and accusations getting around on the internet about what’s happened, why it’s happened, who did what and so on, so I just thought I’d clear a few things up, so we are all on the same page.

The Alliance over the last 5years roughly has not been fully functional, whether that’s due to the Covid period or for whatever other reasons, no one can change that.

However, we can learn and move forward into the future from this and keep all archers, being Target, Field and Bowhunters united as well as all Archery organizations in Australia.

Respecting all forms of archery and each other’s organisations gives us freedom and a choice to join which ever one best suit the individual.

Cross-participation gives people the choice to experience each other’s events and support each other’s clubs.

Remember there are only so many weekends in a year and a lot of clubs throughout Australia, events will collide at some time, it’s inevitable but on a positive note it gives you the archer options.

Late last year ABA pulled out of the alliance and the cross-participation.

So, in February when we became aware of the situation, I personally rang and spoke with Ralph Boden ABA president and expressed my concerns with him, he said he would take it back to the ABA committee. We’re still waiting for their commitment to the Alliance.

I then spoke with Troy Carter president of 3DAAA as well and they are in full support of the Alliance and want to keep all archers united in Australia.

I reached out to Michael MacLennan Archery Australias National Operations Manager, again they are also in support of the Alliance.

So, there is still strong support for the alliance in 3 out of 4 of the major organisations in Australia with communications happening and evolving.

As the new updated Alliance unfolds into the future, remembering we are all volunteers, this will take some time, however all our members and public will be updated for transparency and to most importantly be UNITED.

So please don’t listen to rumours, I will keep you updated until the new Alliance starts notifications to the public.


Greg Smith

TAA President

11th April 2024



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